Features Of Smart TVs – Internet, TV Apps, Streaming & Games

Now days, many medium to high-range TVs will offer smart functionality, and even some budget models and brands are starting to include on the internet features. Smart TVs are one of the first and simplest gadgets you can add to your living room to start to make your house into a smart home.

What is a Smart TV?

TV that can be connected to the internet to access online streaming and media services that can run enjoyment apps, such as on-demand video-rental services, on the internet music stations and web browsers. Smart TVs can access the internet via Wi-Fi and they can be boosted with apps just like a smartphone or tablet. Below here Digital Tech trend are listed some Features Of Smart TVs.

1. Smart TVs Connect To Internet

A smart TV uses either a primary, wired Ethernet connection or built-in Wi-Fi to connect to a home network for on the internet access. Most Smart TVs designs today will feature an ethernet slot on the back, allowing you to plug it directly into your home broadband wireless router. Some models are also capable of accessing wi-fi, either using built-in components or a USB dongle that plugs. Once your Smart TV is connected, you will have access to a whole range of internet services.

  • Access To Popular Social Networking Sites
  • Instant Messaging Applications
  • Full Screen Video Calling With Your Friends And Family
  • Enjoy Online Music and Video on Demand

2. Apps on Smart TVs

Most smart TVs support such popular Apps like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Allowing users to download additional apps on to their TVs. As well as the various video on demand and social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more. App store features quite a wide selection of games to download.

Apps on Smart TVs

3. Game Controller & Control TV with Ease

Smart TVs offer App store features such as game controllers and smart phone apps to make the games easier to engage with. We can also get an electronic touch pen which allows you to write directly on your TV screen, leaving messages for people as if it were a household notice board.

Smart remote control gives more ways to navigate smart TV. Select menu items and channels by simply pointing at the screen and clicking. Smart TV voice control changes the channel, volume adjustment, apps launch, web surfing and organize photos by simply speaking or using your hand.

4. Smart TV With PC

Smart TV have built-in computers and online connections. Smart TVs require computer chips to handle video processing, upscaling, multiple screens and an internet connection. These sets also use memory to buffer streaming video and music, and need additional handling power to deal with graphics.

Game Controller

5. Other Functions Of Smart TVs

Smart TVs provide other prospective benefits. Manufacturers can add other features, such as casual games, which are now quite common on smart sets. Most smart TVs support such popular services as Netfix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Pandora. Receive regular updates and additional channels, apps and software. There a now a whole range of set-top boxes available that give similar features to a smart TV along with all sorts of media streaming options and more to an HDTV.

Our explanation of the features of today’s smart TVs. But manufacturers are including new functions all the time and keep checking the digital tech trend blogs for tech News OR information!

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